Katin Quad Trunk Wool Stripe

Katin Quad Trunk Wool Stripe


While embracing their beachside heritage from the 1950s, Katin wanted to bring some of the past to the present with this vintage-inspired, striped Quad Trunk. Featuring classic bold authentic 70s-style stripes, this strategically crafted hybrid trunk will be your warm-weather wardrobe staple all season long. Embrace the Katin history and its surfside legacy with your very own Quad Trunk.

These carefully crafted hybrid trunk stands above the rest, embodying the classic Katin trunk design with contemporary front pocket additions. 

  • 51% Cotton, 43% polyester, 6% spandex
  • "Made to Fade" pigment-printed fabric
  • Front pockets with mesh drain channels 
  • Boat rope drawstring
  • Snap fly closure
  • Inner stash pocket 
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Clean finished interior seams
  • 1.5" Waistband  
  • 18" Outseam 

Each pair of Katin trunks also comes complete with an original Katin banana boat float keychain.

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