Arcade Belts Norrland

Arcade Belts Norrland


The Arcade Norrland is a woven belt built to work hard, fit perfectly and always be comfortable. Arcade wrapped elastic fibers with waxed cotton to give you a strong and secure fit with enough flexibility and performance to keep you operating at the highest level during the daily hustle. The Norrland’s braiding allows for a perfect fit with no awkwardly spaced holes. Top this off with a custom buckle and weatherproof trims you have a belt that is ready to take you from the office to the outdoors.

  • Dark Green

  • Available in M, L, XL – See the sizing chart below

  • Waxed Canvas & Elastic Webbing

  • Custom metal alloy buckle

  • Micro-adjustable

  • Belt Width – 1.375″ (3.49cm)

  • M = 30″ – 34″ (76.2cm – 86.4cm)

    L = 34″ – 38″ (86.4cm – 96.5cm)

    XL = 38″ – 42″ (96.5cm – 106.7cm).

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